CrossFit Open 18.1 – OPEN SEASON!!

Just did the first open workout for Crossfit 18.1 open Rx and here’s some feedback…
1. this will test your grip – you’ll be surprised how hard this is on your grip if you aren’t stringing together your toes to bar and end up hanging for minutes to reset that kip (like me)

2. the DB movement is harder than you think – it seems simple, but this is on the upper end up my pressing ability and i really needed to use my legs to save my arms. Also make sure you’ve practiced this move and are coordinated enough to end that hang EXACTLY where you want it for your press. There’s definitely some bruises that are currently forming on both shoulders because this was my first time doing this with a DB instead of a barbell.

3. keep the rower on ‘kcal per hour’ so that you can find your pace and stay steady during the workout, i really ended up catching my breath on the rowe. Take a small pause at the end of your stroke so there’s more resistance to explode through. match your breath to that movement and lock it in to keep your core tight through the pull. This really increased my Kcal about 150/hour… technique and efficiency are everything in this one!

If you haven’t signed up yet:…

You have to get your first workout done, judged and submitted by Monday night … but if you’re on the fence here’s the first workout (and if you’re in fredericksburg i’ll judge you!)

Rx(scaled) Workout:
20 Min AMRAP
8 toes to bar (scaled: 8 knee raises)
10 DB hang clean & jerk 50lb/35lb (scaled: 35lbs/20 lbs)
15/12 kcal row2016-crossfit-games-open-crossfit-opencertOfCompletion_judges_2018IMG_1589.JPG

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