07/2019 Life Update!

Hey guys and gals – so this is not an informative piece at all! You will learn nothing other than what i’m up to so check out any of my other posts if you’re here to be educated ;)…

My journey in Charleston has been such a wild ride so far! So blessed to have been asked to spend the rest of my life with my husband Madison and to pack up my Nissan Sentra with whatever would fit in the backseat and start my new life here with him!

Since moving here I’ve finally gotten my Registered Dietitians license and upgraded my CrossFit coaching certification to a Level 2; all the while expanding my horizons of all the unique opportunities the Charleston fitness community has to offer.

Oblique Magazine has given me the opportunity to try CycleBar (which is pretty much a rave on a bike), Barre, AcroYoga, Power Yoga and the picture you see above miiiight even end up on a magazine some point in the near future ;).

taken in historic downtown Charleston 😉

About 10 years ago i went back to school to do something i actually loved and was passionate about and its finallllly paying off! 🙂 The opportunity to be a fitness adventurer, coach others to love their body and live their best lives, and to get to compete and play everyday! This is the life!

Shout out here to everyone who has been so accepting and welcoming! Especially the fitness family I’ve found at @exemplarfitness, @thestandardjamesisland and @obliquemagazine 🙂 Thank you to everyone here that’s made my transition a great new adventure! 

Photographer John Di Giovanni

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