A Discussion with Jan Park, the holistic R.N.

Jan and i met at an Oblique Magazine event at CycleBar Mount Pleasant …naturally! Because you really don’t meet ‘normal’ people at these type of events! it’s more for the ‘on a mission’, biohacker, health obsessed type-a person;).

Anyways, we immediately hit it off being both Registered medical professionals (R.N. and R.D.) that are pushing to not only stay current on the medical research and guidelines, but to also understand how to apply supplemental adjunct therapies. We’re both obsessed with how lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep quality, sleep hygiene, mindfulness training, stress-reduction therapies and herbal therapies can help people heal themselves quickly and sustainably.

During this podcast Jan and I cover gut health, how our brain affects our gut and how our gut can affect our brain, a ‘food first’ approach to diet, the need for a preventative approach to our current healthcare system, and what the trademarks of a ‘healthy diet’ are.

You can find Jan Park on instagram @health_yourself_byjp

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