Spartan Carolinas Beast 2019 Race Recap with Jessica Wong

Jessica Wong…is to blame for this race. She completed her DOUBLE trifecta at this race and convinced me to do it with her.

There were zero cute pictures taken at this race or during this race…or anytime within 6 hours after this race because…well you’ll hear in the podcast ;).

Below is the podcast with the full details on how treacherous the race conditions and this course were. A cold front came in DURING the race and the temperature dropped 8-12 degrees. The clay trails with steep inclines and declines had many hills that people slid down on their butts because there was no way to stay on your feet. Even the flats were incredibly slippery just from the type of dirt and sediment on the trails… .

I guarantee that no one made it out of that course on their feet. Anyone who competed and finished should be extremely proud of their psychological grit as well as their physical fitness!

At the finish line, I saw the medical tent filled with hypothermic racers and sprained ankles… .Well among them later on was Jessica.

This race I finished 13th overall elite female but honestly I’m most proud of just being the type of person that can endure that type of race with the freezing, persistent rain and the treacherous, slippery trails for over 15 miles and not quit. .

Congratulations to all who raced and persevered through the over 15 character-building miles of trails and obstacles.

To hear the nitty gritty details of the full and grueling adventure hit play below 😉

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