Judy Metts Interview – hope is never lost

Judy was in a rough spot with her health when she reached out to me overwhelmed by her lack of recovery from hip surgery, her current health conditions, chronic pain, constant daily pills to take and her multiple healthcare visits every week. She wasn’t sure that things were going to be able to turnaround for her, but her friend Jan had convinced her that it was worth a shot! Judy and I started slow with the longest initial consult i’ve ever done and laid out each condition, when they began, each medication and when each symptom started along with any life changes that happened around that time. Then we got into the nitty -gritty with her daily diet, sleep habits, stress levels, activity level and bowel habits (yes…they’re important).

I then went home and did a diet analysis of her current diet and created a new nutrition template for Judy to follow and educated her on how to apply it. That next week we started working out together 2 x a week unsure as to what we could do considering she could barely lift her right leg off the ground and would shuffle some as she walked. The only cardio she could get her leg into at the time was the bike and she needed to lift it with her other leg.We did her cardio at the beginning so we could warm up and chat about her sleep, stress, nutrition and how she was feeling overall.

As weeks turned into months, her pain lessened and then it was the magic 9 months after her hip surgery that we regained the ability to lift her leg. This was quickly followed by the ability to do full lunges, full squats, weighted squats, and then the ability to get on and off the ground. We didn’t do anything magical. All we did was begin to exercise regularly, eat diet of mostly plants, some nuts and seeds, enough protein and not too much.

A sedentary lifestyle is a disease state all on it’s own. If you don’t use it, you lose it. It’s the case with most of the human body: skeletal muscle, bone density, the adaptive immune system, and the digestive system. When you restore movement and motion, you can start to reverse the disease processes that are a result of inactivity. And any other additional lifestyle changes you make at that point are just amplifiers: cleaning up the diet, increasing sleep quality, decreasing unneeded medications, and lowering life stresses.

Anyways, be inspired my friends! And my hope is that you all become your own health advocate and take an active role in working with your medical professionals to enhance your passion for and quality of life.

me and Judy goofing around
they grow up so fast 😉

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