Auto Immune Protocol (AIP)

AIP – 1200 kcal- 6 Week Protocol

$100 – Click the link below and it’ll download to your computer!

This is a strict elimination diet that omits all known common irritants from the diet for 6 full weeks. During this 6 week period the digestive tract is given the ability to heal and lower the gut inflammation enough to ‘reset.’

An inflamed gut causes heightened immune activation. During these periods of inflammation the body can react to substances that it would not normally be sensitive to. In order to reverse this positive feedback loop of autoimmune activation and increased inflammation we give the body ample time to heal, regenerate and reset both the intestinal cells and the immune system ‘set point.’

This 6 week protocol should be followed up by a ‘reintroduction’ diet in which foods are reintroduced to the diet one at a time. By reintroducing foods one by one, the personal food sensitivities can be identified as triggers. It is encouraged that once you are done with the reintroduction phase you eliminate your trigger foods as often as possible (90-95% of the time) with only occasional ‘cheats’ for the best effect on gut health and overall health.

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