Paleo Diet – 1800 kcal

Paleo Plan – 1800 kcal

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You’ve already read what the Paleo Diet is and you’re pumped to get started! Well hold your horses! Allow me to explain who this plan is for.

This particular macronutrient ratio and calorie level is well suited for active females weighing roughly 135lbs to 155lbs and the active males weighing roughly 130lbs to 160lbs. This plan is good for losing fat and maintaining muscle mass while improving metabolic health, hormonal balance, and gut health.

If you have an autoimmune condition, such as Hashimoto’s disease, this plan qualifies as an Autoimmune Protocol diet! This means that it is particularly good for lowering the inflammation associated with autoimmune conditions. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this!

Below is an example of a half of the grocery list for one week of the plan:

Here’s an example of the yummy food that you get to eat with this plan! I use these recipes for my own meal prep!

All the food you will eat for the duration of the plan is organized into a shopping list, recipe guide, and a meal prep plan. The meal prep plan guides you through using a three-compartment container to organize your meals for the week; each week requires 2-3 hours of meal prep.

Here’s an example of what the meal prep plan looks like!

Here’s what a day looks like and the level of detail and calculations that you will be getting! You’re about to be dialed in!

Alright! So you’re in! This is you and you’re ready to get started. I’ve linked this plan completely through PayPal digital download and as soon as you complete your PayPal transaction, the plan will download. This includes the grocery list, recipes, meal prep plan, and macronutrient/calorie calculations.