Ask me anything you’ve always wanted to know! What is Paleo? What is keto? What is an anti-inflammatory diet? Which diet is right for me? How do i get abs? All these questions have answers!

Nutrition Consultation


Looking to train for your first 5k? 10k? marathon? Spartan race? Crossfit competition? Bikini bodybuilding competition? We can hammer out all the details of a plan to get you to wherever you want to be in real-time over voom or skype and get you on track and motivated to reach whatever goals you can dream up!

Fitness Consultation


This is the service for clients who are very committed. The majority of my clients in this area have serious goals – healing an autoimmune condition, reversing diabetes, doing your first bodybuilding competition or learning how to do meal prep for your family from the ground up! All macros are calculated, recipes are made from scratch based on your favorite foods and your families preferences!

Custom Meal Planning – 1 Month


This is the service for clients local to the Charleston, SC area only. This is creation of the plan above and then full cooking and creation of meals delivered to you so that you don’t have to lift a finger. This is for people who have very little time for the meal prep process but want serious results. All macros are calculated, recipes are made from scratch based on your favorite foods for you and your family. This price includes groceries and meal prep containers.

Custom meal plan plus meal prep


This is the option for those of y’all out there looking to learn how to create your own recipes, meal plans, and how to understand macros and diets on a continued and on-going basis. Daily accountability and coaching to help you learn a little more each day about how to balance your macros, stick within your chosen diet and how to achieve your goals through learning the ins and outs of nutrition in a step-by-step approach

Nutrition Coaching – One Month


MODELING -$150/hour + travel
Fitness modeling, promo modeling, race modeling or sports fashion runway are my specialties. I’ve been at this for 8+ years so all you have to do is have a camera ready to shoot and i’ll handle all the rest. Contact me for details:
PUBLIC SPEAKING – $750 + travel
A past public speaker to the Corp of Cadets, at educational conferences centered on wellness, fitness and nutrition; i specialize in inspirational talks, goal setting, mobility, endurance sports, fitness and nutrition ;). Contact me for details: