Fitness Modeling

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. That’s my personal opinion and mantra! There no shame in showing off the hard work you’ve put into making your body strong and beautiful.

Now to explain what modeling is to me and my journey with it thus far 🙂

So I didn’t hit puberty until 16 which was a blessing and a curse. It made me value humor, intelligence, deep friendships, hard work and grit without distractions but also left me uncomfortable with my body and any feelings of sensuality in it.

So when I started in college it was with a roommate who wanted to be a Nike fitness model and she would take me along to shoots with her. Eventually I was invited to do a shoot for Race Texas as promo model for the Renaissance Festival 5k. And from there I was referred to photographers that needed models for different things in the area. Slowly over the next 6 years of viewing myself through an objective lens vs the false version in my head, I started to realize that I was whole, beautiful person. Learning to be proud, open and fearless in all my pursuits, even ones that make me scared, timid and doubtful.

We’re all made how we were made, but the inspiring and beautiful thing in what you do with it and how you develop yourself through all of life’s trials and tribulations. Do what what scares you, don’t shy away and be fearless in all your endeavors!