6 months of fitness and nutrition

Sustainability is the real goal though, and the truly impressive thing is that since this picture, not only has he kept it off but he’s continuing to progress on his own with all the knowledge he’s learned and the habits he’s made. He’s now his own trainer and nutritionist and has continued to use the lifestyle changes he’s learned to incorporate all these healthy habits into the ebb and flow of his life. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

Weston’s Secret:

‘It wasn’t necessarily easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. But it was simple. Everything was done for me: the grocery list, what to cook, how to cook it, what containers to put it in, when to eat it and what was in it down to the gram. Fat loss is a science and Sarah taught me everything she does in a stepwise approach. She makes it fail-proof.’


6 months of exercise and nutrition

This lovely lady was a brilliant and hard-driving student that made the time during her senior year as an engineering student to invest in her health and buckled down to do the nutrition program along with 3 x a week of personal training.

Currently she has kept all the weight off, has continued working out and eating clean, whole foods while working as an engineer and being involved volunteering at her local church.

Brittany’s Secret:

“You just either do or you don’t. It’s really hard at first, gaining momentum…i’d say for about the first 2 weeks you’ll really draw on willpower. But after that, it’s all just habit. I started to crave my workouts and really developed a taste for eating veggies.”


5 months 

These pictures are only taken a mere 5 months apart of clean eating and prioritizing getting her workouts in!

There is an amazing 10% body fat lost learning how to track her macros and going off a custom plan initially then transitioning into learning how to build out her own meal prep plans through the nutrition plan program then transitioning into the nutrition coaching program!

Amanda’s Secret:

‘Just show up. Just show up for yourself everyday and try to continue to improve. You aren’t ever going to be perfect! But if you continue to get better and grow in your discipline, hard work and belief in yourself, then you’re unstoppable!’


5 months 

20 lbs of fat down in 5 months!

No shortcuts, no tricks, no gimmicks… Just real, sustainable and supported lifelong lifestyle changes to get healthy and stay healthy! I’m so proud of all the amazingly hard work she has put in to change her lifestyle and to change her perspective on her life and what she is capable of.

She overcame all of her negative self-talk, self-doubt and has worked her tail off to make amazing gains in fitness, loss in lbs and has made a profound impact on her family and all of their new and healthy lifestyle choices 😉

Her and her children are addicted to 5k’s now… and to think she used to hate running!!

Amy’s Mantra:

‘I already knew what giving up felt like, I wanted to see what happened if I didn’t’

Kevin – 3 months

Down 25 lbs and 3 % Body Fat in just 3 short months!

I worked with Sarah for about 3 months and she is perfect for knowing just when to turn up the accountability and motivation. She was always available and always upbeat with energy for both of us.  I also used her meal service for a lot of my time and that was the most help. The food was always flavorful and delicious while being the correct calorie count which is where I always tend to get off track. I have been in great shape and out of great shape many times. In three short months I’m down 25 lbs of fat and 3% body fat;  Sarah is definitely a go to if the wheels ever come off my wagon again.

Starting measurements: 260, 29% body fat

Finishing measurements: 235 lbs, 26.2% body fat

Plan: Clean Eating – 1800 kcal – 12 weeks

Aleck – 2 months

-Down 7 lbs of fat

-Down 1 hour and 15 minutes on his half ironman time

-Down 3 % body fat